Guidelines for authors (English) ICFE 2020 Graz, Austria

Please hand in your paper according the following guidelines: Lay-out

  • Word document

  • Max. 15 pages A4 (including abstract und references)

  • Margin: above, below, right, left: 2.5 cm

  • Typographic features: Times New Roman, 16 pt, spacing exact 22 pt, flush left, no word division, no footnotes, no page



  • TITLE of the contribution

  • Author's name, University/Department, country

  • Abstract

  • Divide text into sections (1.; 1.1.; 1.2.; 2. 2.1 ...); (Paragraphs not intended)

  • References

  • Information on author, E-mail address (ca. 8 lines maximum).

    Quotation according to APA standard (example):

    Shelton (2015) overstated the case when she asserted that "we seem to be reaching (...) from the hands of philosophers"... (p. 218).

    References (at the end of the article) according to APA standard:

    1. Periodical articles:

    Last name, first name abbreviation (publication year). Article title. Journal title, volume number, (issue number), page numbers.

    Chan, D.W., Cheung, P.-C., Lau, S., Wu, W.Y.H., Kwong, J.M.L., & Li, W.-L. (2001). Assessing ideational fluency in primary students in Hong Kong. Creativity Research Journal, 13 (3/4), pp. 359-365.

    2. Book:

    Last name, first name abbreviation (publication year). Title. Place of publication. Name of the publisher.

    Leder, G.C., Pehkonen, E. & Törner, G. (Eds.) (2003). Beliefs. a hidden variable in mathematics education. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers.

    3. Publications in anthologies:

    Last name, first name abbreviation (publication year). Essay or chapter title. In first name abbreviation, last name (Ed.), Book title, (essay or chapter page numbers). Place of publication. name of the publisher.

    Labajo, J. (2003). Body and voice: The construction of gender in flamenco. In T. Magrini (Ed.), Music and gender: perspectives from the Mediterranean (pp. 67-86). Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

    4. Internetresources:

    For electronic and online materials, include stable URL or database name. Include (the author if possible) title and date published when available. For undated materials, include the date the resource was accessed.

    National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Biofuels. Retrieved May 6, 2015 from

    Please keep in mind!

    Charts, tables ...:
    must be included in the file; reproduction will appear black-and-white and must be legible in an A5-format. No photos if possible.